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About WATgreen

WATgreen is no longer active, but the following resources are provided as an archive of past research.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Greening of the Campus effort is to transform the University of Waterloo into a showcase of environmental responsibility, an ecosystem in harmony with its environment. This undertaking presents an opportunity for students, staff, and faculty to improve the quality of their environment, while assisting with the financial and environmental efficiency of the University.

Underlying Philosophies and Guiding Principles

Purpose and Scope


Membership and Organization

A faculty representative is appointed for a two year period, from each of the Faculties of:

The Chair and Co-Chair are elected positions chosen by the Committee annually at the September meeting.

The Committee will provide the university administration with its collective and varied expertise, as well as consulting widely across campus on all relative information.


There have been many efforts over the past twenty years by students, faculty and staff to improve the University of Waterloo's ecological profile through the reduction of resource use and waste production. Some of these efforts were done as part of courses, some were undertaken on a volunteer basis, and some have been instituted by the Waste Management Coordinator with the cooperation of operating departments.

The university is presented with numerous requests for changes to its operations annually. The requests come from various groups, organizations, student projects, and local governments, with specific desired outcomes.

WATgreen has provided a mechanism on campus for students, staff and faculty to deal with issues, by using the campus as laboratory to study the systems and make recommendations for change. WATgreen is an initiative which is owned by all on campus and which encourages all persons to better their community. This project offers significant new directions and opportunities for education and research. UW students will take with them into society the knowledge and motivation necessary to foster the transformation to a sustainable society.

Terms of Reference accepted by the WATgreen Advisory Committee on June 6, 1996, and the Provost and Executive Council on October 21, 1997.

Appendix A

Immediate Goals: